Learn Cupping

Cupping is an easy to add to your current practice, and can be a very effective tool with the proper training. Our Core Program, Cupping for Manual Therapists is a 2 Day training in cupping therapy, designed for manual therapists. The First Day is a general overview of cupping therapy,...

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Contraindications and Cautions For Cupping

Overall, the contraindications for cupping are very straightforward. If you practice cupping within a regulated health practice, then you must adhere to the contraindications within your scope of practice. There are considerations to be addressed for all practitioners. Because we are using a mechanical device, there is a greater capacity...

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Benefits of Cupping

As a practitioner of multiple modalities of East Asian Medicine, including bodywork and acupuncture, many people ask me about cupping. Why would I want to have cupping? What is it beneficial for? Often when I describe the many benefits of cupping therapy, people cannot even believe that it could help...

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