The Cupping Project – the next level

The Cupping Project – the next level

This advanced cupping practicum will be a mostly self-study program. Practitioners will be required to submit a proposal for their desired practicum.  The proposal will demonstrate what condition the practitioner will be treating, and how they will measure results.  Practitioners will be expected to perform and submit 20 documented treatments as case studies reviews. A master trainer will be available via skype, and a teacher trainer will be available locally, and receive support along the way through the private Facebook group, The Cupping Project.

Completing  the Cupping Project will qualify you for the professional designation of CCT Certified Cupping Therapist.. You will qualify for membership, and be considered to qualify to train as an Integrated Cupping Instructor if you wish to do so.


  • You must be a Registered Health Practitioner, or have a minimum 50 hours training in anatomy and physiology and an understanding of the body systems.
  • You must have previous cupping training that has been approved, as well as have attended Integrated Dry Cupping Techniques – Day 2
  • Students must have their own set of silicone cups

Facilitator Training – Integrated Cupping Therapist.
As well as completing the certification, practitioners must attend each of the three courses three times – once as a student, twice as an  assistant, the third time facilitator trainees will be asked to teach a portion of the class.  A teaching practicum will be performed, where facilitators attend a weekend of live training to fine tune their skills. An evaluation will produced, and instructor training will be provided via zoom sessions for instructor training, as well as training to help facilitators book locations, and fill their classes.  This training will happen 2-3 times per year, in different locations. For info, contact


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