Learn Cupping

Learn Cupping

Cupping therapy is an easy modality to add to your current practice. It can be a very effective tool to treat many conditions with the proper training.

Our Core Program, Cupping for Manual Therapists is a 2 Day training in cupping therapy, designed for manual therapists.

The First Day is a general overview of cupping therapy, including two categories of cupping, three main styles, three unique styles, three depths of cupping, and more than 20 techniques. Silicone cups are primarily used, though all cupping devices including plastic and glass cups are also demonstrated and discussed.

If you have already training in cupping therapy, you may find that our training will enhance the skills and techniques you have already learned.

Many courses in cupping will explain WHAT is cupping, HOW to perform cupping, but very few of the courses available address WHY you should perform a particular technique for a particular client. In our experience treatment protocols are limiting in that they do look look at the client as an individual. Each client has their own set of symptoms and presents differently.  This is where our training stands apart.  You will learn the WHY…

minimum of 50 hours in anatomy and physiology.

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