Learn Cupping

Learn Cupping

Cupping is an easy to add to your current practice, and can be a very effective tool with the proper training.

Our Core Program, Cupping for Manual Therapists is a 2 Day training in cupping therapy, designed for manual therapists.

The First Day is a general overview of cupping therapy, with all of the styles, techniques, and methods of cupping.  Silicone cups are primarily used, though plastic and glass cups are also demonstrated and discussed.

If you have already studied cupping, you can apply to join our Second Day, Integrated Cupping Techniques.  you will be asked to write a test to establish your competency in cupping therapy, and may be required to take our level 1 course, either live or online.

minimum of 50 hours in anatomy and physiology.


Join our live training and get trained by professional Cupping Therapist!