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Online Training

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Our Online courses are approved for CE credits with NCBTMB.

Study on your own time, at your own pace.

All of our courses contain extensive video training, complete course notes, as well as access to expert instructors so that you can make sure you are practicing safely and correctly.

Cupping for Manual Therapists

Facial Cupping Masterclass

Dynamic Cupping Techniques (Level 2)

Scars Masterclass

Cupping for Manual Therapists

The online course is a self-paced training that will prepare you to practice cupping therapy professionally. At the end of the course, you will have all of the necessary information to perform a safe and effective cupping treatment.
To receive a course certificate and CE credits (8) you must complete all of the modules, and their associated quiz questions.
Online support will be provided throughout the training.

minimum of 50 hours in anatomy and physiology.

The Cupping Revolution is a new approach to an ancient modality. Combining traditional methods with contemporary science, this program provides bodywork and healthcare professionals with cupping skills that can be practiced within their professional scope, immediately after completing the course.

    • The lessons include video demonstrations of all cupping techniques including fire cupping (for demonstration only), stationary cupping, fast cupping, and gliding cupping. Three different levels of depth will be taught and practiced.
    • Students will practice myofascial gliding cupping, as well as stationary and fast cupping.
    • Techniques are shown with both silicone and plastic cups where appropriate. Glass cupping is demonstrated, but not part of the practice for Level 1.
    • The lessons discuss the history of cupping and its uses throughout cultures, the evolution of techniques and materials throughout the ages, contemporary uses, and recent research on cupping.
  • You will learn the indications and contraindications for cupping, precautions, and professional standards for safety.

Facial Cupping Masterclass

Facial cupping is all the rage these days, and for very good reason. Not only famous people and beauty queens can benefit from facial cupping. The cosmetic benefit of facial cupping is an increase of blood flow, increased elasticity in the face, brightening of the complexion, and a reduction in discoloration and fine lines. There are many therapeutic effects of cupping as well such as reducing stress, TMJ, muscular tension, headaches, sinus issues, and Bell’s Palsy.

This course does not have enough content for you to become a practitioner if you are not one already. We strongly caution to stay within your own range of understanding when trying anything new. Having said that, there is a lot of great information on the anatomical structures of the face and head, including musculature, bony structures, the lymphatic system, the Thymus Gland, Pituitary, Pineal,Thyroid Glands, and the sinuses. There is information on common health problems of the face and head.

The indications, contraindications, disinfection of cups are included in the course content.

This course is perfect for Bodywork professionals, acupuncturists, aestheticians, beauty experts, or anyone who wishes to dive deeply into self care.

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