Why Graceful Touch Massage Therapy Recommends Facial Cupping By Lisa Dowling

Why Graceful Touch Massage Therapy Recommends Facial Cupping By Lisa Dowling

We first heard about Lisa Dowling from Gael Wood.

She was teaching a CE course in facial cupping for Massage Therapists.
Given that both my wife and I are Rapid City Massage Therapists I was instantly interested in investigating things further. Partly because I am aware of the back pain my wife experiences and I thought facial cupping might be a good addition to her skillset.

testimonial Guy SIverson

She was not interested.


We had both seen the results of cupping on people’s backs.

She could not imagine doing that to people’s faces.

I explained that Lisa had an approach that would not cause bruising. It was hard for her (and me) to believe such would be the case especially with some of the things we had seen.

However, though she was extremely reluctant to proceed she decided to move forward mostly because of my insistence on her taking the course.
Looking back, we are both glad that she made that decision.

Graceful Touch massage in Rapid City, SD has had many people come in for the treatment now that it is part of the services that we offer during individual and couples massage therapy treatments.

Not one person has ever experienced a bruise due to facial cupping just like Lisa claimed would be the case if her instructions were followed.

In addition to the practical application of what we learned from Lisa we also enjoyed the layout of the course which was easy to navigate through. Her style of teaching was warm and friendly in our opinion.

We both look forward to learning more from Lisa as time allows and our associated interest peaks.

Guy & Irene Siverson (LMT’s)
Graceful Touch LLC

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The cup goes on, the cup comes off…

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