Cupping is Ancient

Where exactly cupping began is a little uncertain. What we do know is that since the beginning of time, humans intuitively sucked on a sore, a splinter, or bite to make it feel better. Somewhere along the way, we figured out how much easier and more accessible it is to use a medium between our mouth and the body part.

The first recorded evidence of cupping came from Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic drawings, and in Ancient Chinese Medicine, cupping was referenced as early as 280 BC. Cupping therapy has been a standard therapeutic treatment in almost every culture in the world. It is said that it travelled across the trade routes to spread from Europe, to Asia and Africa.

Jumping ahead more than 2000 years, we see a major resurgence in this ancient method. Hollywood superstars, and elite athletes are displaying their red circles to the world.


Cupping is Safe

Cupping is a very safe and effective treatment modality that improves blood circulation, and lymphatic flow in the body. It is a great tool to help with pain relief, and has no demonstratable negative effects on the body when practiced by a properly informed practitioner. Cupping is safe to use alongside other therapeutic treatments, and safe to receive while taking medication. There are very few contraindications with cupping, click here to see what they are.


Cupping is Fun!

Cupping is such a straightforward modality that you can start to practice right away. It is easy to learn, and takes very little physical effort. Cupping will bring out your inner child, as you enthusiastically ‘pop’ your cups on and off of your clients.




Clients Love Cupping!

Once you’ve tried it, you will see. Clients love the therapeutic effect of negative pressure massage. The sensation of suction is a little strange the first time, but the incredible feeling of the tension melting away when receiving cupping is hard to deny.

You may come across some individuals who are wary about the marks that cupping sometimes create, but once it is properly explained, and they try cupping all of their concerns quickly fade… just like the marks will in 1-3 days.

Watch your practice grow, as your clients line up to receive cupping treatments. Not only that, but cupping is very easy on your body. At the end of the day you will find you have more energy to see clients, and to enjoy what you love most in life.