Sneezonable allergies getting you down?

I Love Spring, Don’t You??

Spoiler alert: access to free training that may change how you experience Spring forever can be found at the bottom of this post… cupping for sinuses

Spring is such an amazing time of the year, for me there is nothing better than a beautiful sunny Spring morning… the birds delight us with their songs of promise, and the earth comes to life with color. Its almost perfect… right up until the moment when the seasonal allergies kick in. Its such a rotten feeling, not being able to breathe properly!!!

cupping for sinuses will help with seasonal allergies
Spring flowers bring us a sense of joy and hope after a long winter…

Allergies are so annoying!!

And of course, you never know what the outcome of that sneeze that’s creeping up on you is going to be. They don’t always wait for you to be alone, with a tissue ready!!

Facial Cupping for Sinus Problems… another way through the symptoms…

In my 20 years as a practitioner, I have studied many different treatment modalities, some more powerful than others, and some are very good for specific conditions. What I have recently been exploring is facial cupping not only for cosmetic reasons, but to me its even more powerful to support sinus conditions, headaches, muscular pain and more…

If only you could breathe, sleeping would be so much better!! Its hard to tell if the headache is from sleep deprivation, sinus blockage, neck tension, or air pressure. The allergy medication you buy over the counter can be miserable, causing drowsiness and a foggy brain, or if you take the daytime formula it give off quite the buzz!!! It turns the most incredible time of the year into a time of utter misery for so many people…

cupping for sinuses will help with seasonal allergies
the other side of Spring is too many tissues!!

Besides feeling amazing, facial cupping is AMAZING for sinus problems, headaches and managing seasonal allergies naturally. So good, I developed an online training in facial cupping to share it with others!!! Its kind of awesome 🙂

Check out our free training video so that you can learn facial cupping for sinuses, and see for yourself…


go straight to our online training and learn the entire course for facial cupping, and body cupping:


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